Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Lead Pastor's Office

Tim McCoy

Lead Pastor

Andy Johnson

Executive Pastor

Becky Cleaveland

Assistant to the Executive Pastor

Laurie Ennis

Communications Director

Whitney Adkins

Media Coordinator


Worship Arts Team

Jonathan Green

Worship Arts Team Leader/Worship Arts Pastor

Amy Gramling

Assistant to the Worship Arts Pastor

Chris Hawkins

Production Ministry Director

Maggie Hollis

Assistant to the Worship Arts Pastor

Jodi Pharo

Assistant to the Production Ministry Director

Eric Robbins 

Production Ministry Associate

Clay Scott 

Contemporary Worship Arts Pastor

Jay Turner 

Traditional Worship Arts Pastor

Donna Washburn


Traditional Worship Arts Associate

Disciple-Making Team

David Peterson

Disciple-Making Team Leader/Discipleship Pastor

Lisa Call

Missions Minister

Emily Coleman

Assistant to the Missions Minister

Celia Hinson

Young Adult Associate

Mark Hudgins

Membership Pastor

Blake Jenkins

Young Adult Pastor

Jon Kitchens

Associate Recreation Minister

Hannah McGehee

Assistant to the Membership Pastor

Terryn Meyer

Assistant to the Discipleship Pastor

Rebekah Rainer

Bookstore Ministry Coordinator

Marcia Robbins

Assistant to the Bookstore Ministry Coordinator

Janet Ward

Assistant to the Associate Recreation Minister


Next Generation Team

Justin Nalls

Next Generation Team Leader/Middle School Pastor

Brett Brandewie

High School Pastor

Deidra Childers

Assistant to the High School Pastor

Ginny Fillingim

Preschool Minister

Kelly Hardy

Assistant to the Weekday Preschool Director

Cortney Jones

Assistant to the Preschool Minister

Kathleen McDaniel

MMO Director | Childcare Coordinator

Jennifer Mitchell

Associate Preschool Minister

Conni Tane

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Evelyn Anne Turner

Weekday Preschool Director

Maggie Vazquez

Assistant to the Children's Pastor

Autumn Vineyard

Middle School Ministry Associate


Operations Team

Tim Newberry

Operations Team Leader/Chief Financial Officer

Sandy Berkner

Assistant to the CFO

Cindy Bowie


Bruce Cleaveland

Facilities Team

Alan Harris

Facilities Team

Steve Mann

Facilities Manager

Drew Manning

Banquet Chef

Chad McDonell

Sous Chef

Annette Slocumb


Sydney Uber


Sam Wurstner

Executive Chef

Assistant to the Discipleship Pastor