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TouchPoint: A New Tool to Help Us Connect, Communicate, and Care

pastors-blog-5-2-19As we follow Jesus, God intends for us to connect, communicate, and care for one another as members of the body of Christ.

Of course, the tools we use to facilitate the connections, to enhance the communications, and to enable participation have changed across the years.

When our church began in 1951, there were 203 people who made commitments as Charter Members.  They said, in effect, “I’m all in.  Count on me.  I want to be part of this church family.”

img_9551As new members were added, their names, addresses, and other contact information (essential for connecting, communicating, and caring) were entered in “the big red book” (see the photo nearby).

Entries in “the big red book” were made either by hand or by typewriter, and communication was either by mail or by landline phone.

Now our church has more than 4,900 members, and the technology and tools available to help us connect, communicate, care, and participate have moved from desktop to laptop to our mobile devices.

So, in the next few weeks we will be implementing new technology – it’s called TouchPoint – to simplify and to enhance our ability to connect with newcomers and to communicate and care for all who call Ingleside home.

When this transition to TouchPoint is complete, you will be able to manage many of your interactions with our church online and through an app on your mobile device.

Andy Johnson, our Executive Pastor, is leading this infrastructure and technology upgrade.  So, be on the lookout for more information from him and other staff in the days ahead.

Technology changes, but our core mission remains the same. The new tools are all in the service of helping us make disciples – fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ – for the glory of God!

Your Pastor and Friend,

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