Missions Opportunities

Missions Opportunities


  • Glocal ministry. Families can befriend an international college student and make a global impact in our local community. Host families make plans to spend time with their student once a month, and some choose to open their homes during school breaks and holidays. 
  • Youth Development Campus. The YDC is the juvenile detention center for the state of Georgia. Every Sunday afternoon, teams from Ingleside go with the gospel and lead Bible studies for the residents. Many have come to Christ through this ministry, but more volunteers are always needed to show Christ to the troubled youth there. 

There and Everywhere




Deposit Due

February 16-24


Our team will participate in a cultural exchange with an English Center, do some prayerwalking, and visit people in the hospital to share the gospel. Led by Cory Anna Jones


March 1-9


Our team will participate in prayerwalking and ministering to the local young adult community. Led by Sandra Murrin


March 9-16


Our team will construct a new playground and replace needed flooring for a ministry located in the heart of Israel. Led by John Johnson


March 22-31


Our team will minister to the women of Nepal through workshops, fellowship, and prayer. Led by Lauryn Smith


March 23-30


Our team will minister to the Japanese people through evangelism, prayerwalking, and missionary partnerships. Led by Daryl Hayes


April 25-29 


Our team will support our new church plant in Portland through community outreach and prayerwalking, among other activities. Led by Denny Sims


May 23-27


Our young adult team will prayerwalk and do community outreach to support Dwell church. Led by Martin Willingham

$200.00 deposit due by January 20

June 29-July 6


Our team will lead a creative arts camp. This camp will provide a vibrant, interactive exposure to the gospel for the people of the Ukraine. Led by Scott Freeman

$200.00 deposit due by January 27

July 13-20


Our team will work with our new church plant in Portland to lead a children’s soccer camp and possibly VBS. Both will help to engage the families of the church plant community by providing activities for children and sharing the gospel with them. Led by Janet Ward

$200.00 deposit due by February 28

August 16-19


Our team will support our new church plant in Portland through community outreach and prayerwalking, among other activities. Led by Robby Redmond

$200.00 deposit due by April 1

August 24-31


Our team will learn and then practice a method of sharing the good news in Southeast Asia. Led by Joyce Freeman

$200.00 deposit due by March 1 

October 16-21


Our hospitality team will serve at a leadership retreat for our partners at Dwell Chruch. Led by Hollie Holloway

$200.00 deposit by June 2

Deposits can be turned into the church office during business hours or mailed to the attention of the Missions Ministry,
Ingleside Baptist Church, 834 Wimbish Road, Macon, GA 31210.

Contact Lisa Call for more information about any local opportunity or mission trip.