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What is a seasonal study?

Studies meet during the week, with characteristics of classes and small groups, and are short-term.
Seasonal Studies

What is a small group?

Small groups meet at multiple times and places, are led by a facilitator, and are joined by personal invitation. Click here to find out more about participating in or leading a small group.

What is a class?

Classes meet on Sunday mornings at Ingleside, are led by a teacher, and are open to all at every meeting. Begin your search for a Sunday morning class below:


Young couples in their 30s gather together to grow in their faith and strengthen one another. We take our name from the message of Luke 22:32. The leadership team includes David and Kayla Bruce and Jimmy and Melissa Hinson.

A Resilient Life

This class is for couples, 50 and up, who passionately desire the next chapter of our lives to be all God created it to be! Since life is a vapor, we desire to reach our fullest potential in Christ during this season. With a zeal to grow spiritually, our fellowship provides the opportunity to study and discuss God's Word through the books and characters of the Bible. We invite you to join us for the adventure Christ offers through biblical study, prayer, and fellowship. Led by Harry and Sherri Hall.

Ballard Couples

This is a class for couples ages mid-40s to late 50s looking to learn from God's word and enjoy great fellowship with one another! Our class is led by Rob Ballard. 


The Bowman/Crowley class is made up of couples and singles, ages 65 and up who gather to learn from God’s word and challenge themselves to make a difference in the world. This class is led by Keith Rollins, David Moore, and John Bowman.


This class is a group of older men who continue to study the Scriptures together. Most of the class has served God and their church faithfully for many years. Our leaders are Bob Cronin and Harvey Parks. 


College students from area schools meet to learn from God’s word and encourage one another. The leaders are Martin and Missy Willingham with Jimmie Meece.

Couples: 30s and early 40s

This is a class for couples in their 30s and 40s. Join us for the opportunity to be mentored spiritually by a multi-generational team with unique strengths and diverse teaching styles intending to engage and enrich the lives of younger couples living in a challenging culture. We are led by Charles and Vicki Bass, Brad and Katherine Thompson, Jason and Susan Little, and Jack and Jodi Nichols.  


This class is a diverse group of men, women, and couples gathering early before they worship and serve. Our leader is Jeff Adair.

F.I.S.H. (Friends in Service to Him)

Friends in Service to Him (F.I.S.H.) is a co-ed class for all life stages, who are passionate about in-depth study and application of God's word, as well as relationships with each other. God's word and biblical principles challenge them to develop into the heroes of the faith that they are created to be. Our leader is Jana Abbott.


Our class includes all life stages. We study the intriguing stories, history, and geography of the Bible, and how God uses the stories of the most unlikely people and circumstances to draw us into a closer relationship with Him through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  This class is led by Joel Latimer and Mike Newsome.