At Ingleside, women of all ages and life stages are a vital part of the congregation.  From the platform in worship, within Bible studies, classes, and groups, as leaders serving in programs and ministries throughout the church, and on trips around the world, women are encouraged to live their lives as fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Specific needs of women are met throughout the year within seasonal Bible studies.  These studies, just for women, meet throughout the year to provide ongoing opportunities for spiritual growth and relational connection. 

In addition to checking out our seasonal Bible studies, we also offer development and growth through TAG (Thriving Across Generations). The TAG ministry exists to strengthen and model mentoring relationships across generations.

We also offer events throughout the year building community among women.  We just completed Just Give Me Jesus, Backyard Conversations Among Women. We celebrate over 125 women participating in 17 different small groups that met around the Macon area for intentional conversations and prayer time.  It was good to be together again!  We are already beginning plans for our next event; watch this page for more details.


If you’re interested in any of our upcoming or ongoing women’s studies, you can check those out here, or if you want to be in the “know” about upcoming events, check out our events calendar. Contact the Discipleship office with any questions.

We hope to see you soon!


Thriving Across Generations

Each year, TAG small groups form to live out the biblical mandate of Titus 2:3-5 for authentic relationships between women. These relationships grow across generations in the Body of Christ at Ingleside to encourage one another to follow Christ for God’s glory.

Participants register in January for at least a one-year commitment to meet together, to discuss and learn from a suggested book, and to share their personal spiritual journey with one another.

Interested in joining a TAG group or finding out more information?  For more information, please contact the Discipleship Ministry office.


What is TAG?
TAG, Thriving Across Generations, is a multi-generational, relationship-based women’s small group ministry. Groups are inspired by the biblical plea in Titus 2:3-5 for older women to pour into younger women and help them grow in their walk with Christ. Each group has two to three mentors and six to ten members.

When and where do groups meet?
Groups meet once a month in the home of a mentor.

What do we do in TAG?
During each meeting, we may share a light snack or dinner before mentors facilitate prayer and discussion of a chapter of the current year's chosen book. Each meeting is unique. We may laugh or cry as we share what is going on in our lives and encourage one another.

How do I get into a group?
You will be assigned to a group that meets based upon the availability that you provided in registration.

Who are the mentors?
Mentors are women of Ingleside who love the Lord and are empty nesters with some life experience behind them. Their goal is to form relationships with women of various ages, teach them to pursue holiness, and to value the word of God.

What is expected of me?
Attend each monthly meeting, and communicate with your mentor regularly. Read a chapter in the book before each meeting, and be willing to participate in conversation.
The more you invest, the more you’ll reap!

For more information, contact David Peterson | Discipleship Pastor | Disciple-Making Team Leader