Launching into Life

Launching into Life

Key Resource: How to Stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski, The Reason for God by Tim Keller, and ESV Study Bible (given at graduation)

Key Events: Fall and Spring Senior Gatherings, Parent-Child Relationship Events, Parent-Student Crave, Senior Banquet and Recognition Service

Stage Commitments: Download here

Parenting Tips


  1. As your student makes college plans, begin researching churches in the area and prioritize worship during this significant change in life.
  2. Protect worship by leading your student to not work on Sundays when they begin working.


  1. Though life gets busier at this stage, continue to encourage the importance of small group involvement, and help your student organize his schedule in order to be involved in a group.
  2. Plan one-on-one outings with your student where you ask thought-provoking spiritual questions as you interact.


  1. Encourage your student to find a place of service in the High School Ministry.
  2. Work together to serve a local ministry on a weekly or monthly basis.    


  1. Plan your vacations and other trips around summer mission opportunities so that your student is not hindered from going with the gospel with other students.
  2. Have a special dinner before they go off to college. Invite adults who have been spiritual leaders in their lives and have a special prayer and blessing time over them to be a light for the gospel in their new environment.

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