Living the Faith

Living the Faith

Key Resource: Ask It by Andy Stanley (for students), This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years by Jaquelle Crowe (for students), and Family Worship by Donald S. Whitney

Key Events: Next Step Class for 9th Grade (parents), Parent-Student Crave, Parent-Child Relationship Events

Stage Commitments: Download here

Parenting Tips


  1. Honor God’s instruction to keep a rest day by evaluating your family schedule and creating margin for family time, rest, service, and leisure.
  2. Though students are beginning to drive at this point, try to maintain a habit of riding together to church.


  1. Involve other godly adults in your student’s life to encourage, teach, and train them.
  2. Read what they read, watch what they watch, and listen to what they listen to.


  1. Instead of asking students how their day went, ask them if they had a chance to show love or forgiveness to someone during the day.
  2. Help them to find a way to serve their church using the gifts and talents you see in them.


  1. Give a half-day of your vacation to serve a local gospel-centered ministry like a rescue mission, food pantry, or clothes closet.
  2. Offer your home as a haven for your student’s lost friends. Make it welcoming so that you and your student have a partnership in the gospel.

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