Living the Faith

Living the Faith

Key Resources: How to Stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski, The Logic of God by Ravi Zacharias

Key Events: Fall and Spring Senior Gatherings, Parent-Child Relationship Events, Parent-Student Crave, Senior Banquet, Graduate Recognition Service

Stage Commitments: Download here

Parenting Tips


  • As your student makes college plans, connect them to a church in their new city.
  • Protect worship by leading your student to not work on Sundays.


  • Help your student organize their schedule in order to be involved in a small group.
  • Do regular one-on-one outings with your student, and plan spiritual intentionality.


  • Encourage your student to find a place of service in the High School Ministry.
  • Work together to serve a local ministry on a weekly or monthly basis.


  • Plan your vacations and other trips around summer mission opportunities.
  • Invite adults who have been spiritual leaders in your student’s life to dinner before they go off to college.

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