Ever feel like you're in a pickle?  Five months at home with your kiddos will do it! This pandemic might have driven you crazy; we're here to help.

Our Parenting Conference featured 10 virtual workshops led by your very own Ingleside pastors and ministers, featuring Ingleside parents on discussion panels. These workshops covered practical tips on how to parent not only through a pandemic, but in our everyday walk with our kids.

The virtual conference videos are available below to watch at your convenience. Set aside some time to invest in your family; it will make a life-long difference!  

Parenting Conference booklet

Session workshops

Brett Brandewie: The ABCs of Gen Z: Understanding the Ins and Outs of the Next Generation

Wil Fason: Smart Devices and Smart Families: Handling Technology Wisely

Ginny Fillingim: Praying for Your Child and With Your Child

Jonathan Green: Worship at Home

Mark Hudgins:  How to Train My Kids Without Losing My Cool: The Power of Consequences

Andy Johnson: Resilient Parenting: Staying on Course Through the Ups and Downs

Jennifer Mitchell: No More Perfect Kids

Justin Nalls: Teaching Theology to Young Minds

David Peterson Raising Kids to Impact the World Without Becoming Worldly

Nick Wilbur: Having Transformative Conversations With Your Child about the Gospel and Baptism