Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage

Key Resource: Understanding Your Young Teen by Mark Oestreicher

Key Events: Next Step Class for 6th Grade (parents), Student Membership Class, Parent-Child Relationship Events 

Stage Commitments: Download here

Parenting Tips


  • Look at your student’s Sunday listening guide from The Basement. Discuss what they learned.
  • Discuss Sunday morning’s message from the worship service with your student on the way home from church or around the lunch table.        


  • Use 5 Conversations by Vicki Courtney as a guide for a series of conversations with your student.
  • Encourage your student to have regular devotions and discuss what they are reading.


  • Serve together at an Ingleside event (Fall Family Festival, Xtreme Week, etc.).
  • Help your student find a way to use their gifts and interests to serve other believers.


  • Participate in a missions-oriented ministry.
  • Tell your student about a time when you shared the gospel with someone.

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