Seasonal Studies

Seasonal Studies

A seasonal study is one of several “Grow in a Group” options at Ingleside. These groups are best described as biblical studies focused on a specific topic occurring over a specific timeframe.  They are open to all participants—but most beneficial when attended each week from start-to-finish. Seasonal studies typically launch in January and August.

*Study materials are available for purchase at the Ingleside Bookstore.

Sunday Afternoons

The Roundtable is an ongoing group for men that seeks to study God's word and encourage one another.
Led by Johnny Pilkenton
4:30 p.m.| W-105
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DivorceCare is a 13-week study that offers a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.  We will focus on how to face the challenges that divorce and separation can bring, and help you move toward rebuilding your life. You’ll have the opportunity to talk about your experiences, learn helpful, practical information that will help you move forward, and you’ll become part of a family. It's more than a support group.  It’s a group with a focus on moving toward rebuilding your life. Join us as we connect to discover hope for the future. You can purchase all the needed materials in the Ingleside Bookstore.  We hope you’ll join us. This study is offered semi-annually, beginning in January and August.
Led by Roy and Cynthia Peterson with Janet Ward *
Sundays, beginning August 8
5:00 p.m. | Aerobics Room
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This 13-week virtual study offers a support group to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Groups meet weekly to help you face challenges that you may have never faced before, and look towards hope for the future. We will focus on how to navigate through the loss of a family member or friend. You may feel like no one understands what you are going through. GriefShare is a wonderful, safe space to not only share your pain but to face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. You’ll discover people who can empathize with your pain, you’ll learn helpful practical information that will help you move forward, you’ll begin to find healing, and you’ll become part of a family. This study is offered semi-annually, beginning in January and August.
Sundays, beginning August 8, 
5:00 p.m. | W-104 
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For more information, contact the Discipleship Ministry office.

Wednesday Evenings

COED: This is an ongoing support group for grandparents raising their grandchildren. They meet weekly to support each other in this stage of life and study God’s word. 
Led by Chris Mundey
6:30 p.m. 
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WOMEN: In this 10-session, verse-by-verse study of Exodus 1–18, Jen Wilkin shows us that Israel’s story is our story. The same God who delivered Israel also delivers all those He loves from slavery to sin and from service to the pharaohs of this world. He lifts our eyes to the promised land He has prepared where we dwell with I AM and worship Him as the one true God.
Led by Katie Judah and Cassie Nalls
Wednesdays, beginning August 11
6:15 p.m. | W-108-9
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COED: Too often, when we are asked about Jesus, we say that we know about Him, but we do not truly know Him as we should. In this study, we are going to journey into knowing Christ better. The journey begins with understanding His eternal nature—and then we will look at the roles He serves here on earth and in heaven. It is a marvelous study—getting to know our Savior more intimately.
Led by Bob Brannen
Wednesdays, beginning August 11
6:30 p.m. |  W-102
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MEN: Sometimes circumstances in life make it difficult for men to be all God wants them to be. But in this 8-session study for men, Tony Evans urges men to stop looking at their circumstances as excuses and instead to see them as challenges and opportunities for success. Exploring the examples of men of God throughout the Bible, this study will challenge you to lay down your excuses, stop compromising, and fight to be a man of character and commitment. Despite your setbacks, failures, and pressures, you can still find purpose, meaning, and direction in life and become the man God has called you to be. 
Led by John Gowan and Logan Hulsey
Wednesdays, beginning August 11
6:30 p.m. | W-106-7
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Marriage is like the seasons, always in a constant state of transition. Each has its own beauty, changes, challenges, and rewards. Understanding and preparing for the seasons is wise and will help enhance and strengthen your relationship. This 6-week “Foundations” study focuses on the fundamental principles that are key to building and maintaining a healthy marriage. It is for all married couples, whether you are starting out with a desire to lay a solid foundation or have a good marriage that you want to strengthen!
Led by Johnny and Carla Morton
Wednesdays, beginning August 18
6:30 p.m. | W-103
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Thursday Mornings for WomeN

This study will dive into Paul's letters to the churches at Rome, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, Colossae, and Thessalonica written over a span of fourteen years. These churches were in different stages of maturity and needed instruction. Paul was looked to for leadership as they moved through different phases of growth and challenge. Each letter contains both doctrine and practical explanation, and we will look deeply into both.
Led by Jimmie Annette Ballard, Diane Wilson, and Lynda Moore *
Thursdays, beginning September 9
9:30 a.m.. | W-102
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Ever wonder how the Old Testament relates to the New Testament? This fascinating, in-depth study of Hebrews explains the relationships between the two covenants, the earthly and heavenly tabernacles, and the sacrifices of animals and the Son of Man. See how Jesus truly fulfills the Law and the Prophets and became our High Priest. This study will cover part one of a three-part series.
Led by Christy Lischer and LInda Gore *
Thursdays, beginning September 9
9:15 a.m. | W-103
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Every serious believer longs to summon up the kind of boldness and faith that can stand firm on Mount Carmel and pray down heaven into impossible situations. Yet, few are willing to go through the process required to get them there. Strength of faith, character, and boldness can only be shaped in the hidden fires of silence, sameness, solitude, and adversity. Those who patiently wait on God in the darkness, emerge with their holy loyalty cemented, their courage emblazoned, and their confident belief in Him set afire. Join Priscilla Shirer on this 7 session journey through the life and times of the prophet Elijah to discover how the fire on Mount Carmel was forged in the valley of famine.
Led by Carmelita Parrish
Thursdays, beginning on September 9
9:30 a.m. | W-108-9 
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