Scarlet Hiltibidal, our event speaker for the April 18 Walking Free event, has just released a brand new 6-week study on shame. Come get to know her better as an author! Discover shame…. undone.

When Isaiah stepped into the throne room of God, he was “undone” by his sinfulness in view of God’s holiness. When an angel touched his mouth with a coal and told him his sin was forgiven, Isaiah essentially said, “Here I am. Send me. I don’t care where. I’m yours! I’ll do whatever!” He moved from being undone by shame to a hopeful humility and an eagerness to serve the Lord.

Through this study, we will:

  • Gain perspective on sources of shame and grasp a vision of how to find freedom through God’s Word.
  • Experience the miraculous shift of living in light of the gospel today rather than hoping for a happy someday.
  • Learn from the stories of women and men in the Bible who overcame their shame to walk in the freedom of God.


Janet Ward

Courtney McElveen