Lead Pastor's Office

Andy Johnson Headshot

Andy Johnson

Executive Pastor

Katie Layfield Headshot

Katie Layfield

Executive Assistant

Hillary Dickey Headshot

Hillary Dickey

Communications Director

Laurie Ennis Headshot

Laurie Ennis

IT Director

Disciple-Making Team

David Peterson Headshot

David Peterson

Disciple-Making Team Leader Discipleship Pastor

Sami Morrison Headshot

Sami Morrison

Assistant to the
Discipleship Pastor

Stape Patterson Headshot

Stape Patterson

Young Adult Pastor

Melanie Foster Headshot

Melanie Foster

Women's Ministry Director

Mark Hudgins Headshot

Mark Hudgins

Membership Pastor

Debbie Ver Steeg Headshot

Debbie Ver Steeg

Assistant to the
Membership Pastor

Lisa Call Headshot

Lisa Call

Missions Minister

Melinda Barlow Headshot

Melinda Barlow

Assistant to the
Missions Minister

Jon Kitchens Headshot

Jon Kitchens

Associate Recreation Minister

Janet Ward Headshot

Janet Ward

Assistant to the Associate Recreation Minister

Greer Martinsen Headshot

Greer Martinsen

Bookstore Ministry
Assistant Manager

Carole Myers Headshot

Carole Myers

Bookstore Associate

Next Generation Team

Wil Fason Headshot

Wil Fason

Next Generation Team Leader
Middle School Pastor

Jennifer Mitchell Headshot

Jennifer Mitchell

Preschool Minister

Crissy Lawrence Headshot

Crissy Lawrence

Assistant to the
Preschool Minister

Kathleen McDaniel Headshot

Kathleen McDaniel

Preschool Ministry Associate

Kasey Lee Headshot

Kasey Lee

Weekday Preschool Director

Erin Hulsey Headshot

Erin Hulsey

Assistant to the Weekday Preschool Director

Maggie Copeland Headshot

Maggie Copeland

Assistant to the
Children's Pastor

Holly McMickle

Middle School Associate

David Dargel Headshot

David Dargel

High School Pastor

Deidra Childers Headshot

Deidra Childers

Assistant to the
High School Pastor

Operations Team

Tim Newberry Headshot

Tim Newberry

Operations Team Leader
Chief Financial Officer

Traci Irby Headshot

Traci Irby

Assistant to the CFO

Cindy Bowie Headshot

Cindy Bowie


Deborah NeSmith Headshot

Deborah NeSmith


Lief Anderson Headshot

Leif Anderson

Facilities Manager

Adam Benfield Headshot

Adam Benfield

Maintenance Technician

Claude Black Headshot

Claude Black

Maintenance Technician

Austin Williams Headshot

Austin Williams

Setup Coordinator

Ray Waits Headshot

Ray Waits

Food Service Director
Executive Chef

Shakira Robinson Headshot

Shakira Robinson


Jeff Tyson Headshot

Jeff Tyson


Worship Arts Team

Jonathan Green Headshot

Jonathan Green

Worship Arts Team Leader Worship Arts Pastor

Maggie Hollis Headshot

Maggie Hollis

Interim Assistant to the
Worship Arts Pastor

Will Carpenter

Production Ministry Associate

Chris Hawkins Headshot

Chris Hawkins

Production Ministry Director

Sarah Santiago Headshot

Sarah Santiago

Assistant to the Production Ministry Director

Michael Wutzke Headshot

Michael Wutzke

Traditional Worship
Arts Minister