Scripture guides you toward God. Precept guides you through Scripture.

We help lead and direct, but we know that the true changing power—personal relationship with God—comes not from following Precept, but from Scripture itself.

Through Psalms we learn about God—His attributes, what pleases and displeases Him, His relationship to the righteous and the wicked, and His revelation of the future concerning Messiah, salvation, and judgment. In Psalms 1-22, we learn how blessed we are who are in right relationship to Him, that we respond to Him in worship. In Psalms 23–41, we learn about waiting on the Lord and worshiping Him, about righteousness and the fear of the Lord, and about dealing with sin. You’ll practice a pattern for studying the Psalms, so that you can continue to study them on your own.


Christy Lischer

Linda Gore