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Will You Pray?

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Andy Johnson, Executive Pastor

Did you know that during July, there will be a host of Inglesiders traveling throughout the country? All told, this month, 122 people from our church are sharing the gospel, encouraging church plants, interacting with people from other faiths, teaching children the gospel, and growing in the word at camp.

Let me share a little more about each group so you can support them through your prayers.

High School Mission Trip to Salt Lake City, UT (July 8-15)
Nineteen high school students and leaders are headed to a town saturated with the influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). This team will serve the community in Jesus’ name, build relationships on behalf of a local church plant (Redeeming Life Church), prayer walk, and engage in “as you go” gospel sharing and apologetics.

Mission Trip to Portland, OR (July 15-22)
This team of six is partnering with Woodstock Community Church and its church planter, Patrick Grant. Their primary work will be to facilitate a neighborhood soccer camp of 30-50 boys and girls aimed at helping Patrick and his team develop deeper relationships in their community.

Middle School Mission Trip to New Orleans, LA (July 16-21)
Twenty-eight middle school students and their leaders will converge with other student ministries from around the country to lead a Vacation Bible School at a local church, prayer walk, minister to the homeless, and share the gospel through street evangelism.

Mission Trip to Port Canaveral, FL (July 19-26)
Heading to the east coast of Florida, this group of eight adults will partner with Port Canaveral Ministries serving seafarers from all over the world. Ship employees come to the ministry center to relax, get packages, grab some food, and meet new people. Opportunities to share the gospel in this setting abound.

Over a long weekend, sixty-one kids and leaders will enjoy time at Shocco Springs Conference Center attending Student Life for Kids Camp. It’s four days filled with fun, small group Bible study, large group worship with other churches, and fellowship with friends. Kids Camp has been a spiritual milestone for many children at Ingleside across the years.

So, let me ask again, will you pray for these trips faithfully during July?

In the Spirit,

Executive Pastor